Fact File

Tree Preservation Order

Tree Preservation Orders, or TPOs as they are generally referred to, relate to an individual tree. A TPO can be applied to any species of tree although they are rarely put on fruit trees. A planning application will normally be required and approval obtained prior to any work being carried out. There are a few exceptions and Tree Logic will advise you. TPO planning applications take about eight weeks.

Area Order

This is where an order has been placed on an area and covers everything that was present on the day the order was made. Anything planted after the order date is not included in an Area Order. Sometimes these orders only apply to certain species but more often than not they cover all species.

Conservation Area

To carry out tree work in a Conservation Area, a detailed proposal of the work has to be registered with the Local Authority. If they want to oppose proposed work they must do so within six weeks and make the trees subject to TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders), otherwise you can carry out the proposed work.

Trees with power lines

When power lines are within five metres of a climber, unless fully insulated, the power should be isolated by the electricity board. Whilst there is no extra cost for this, they will require four weeks notice to organise turning the power off.